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A Little Fat is not a Bad Thing, but Fleshy is Better?

Balance weight loss and body fat rate

If you want to keep muscle while losing weight. But many people make many mistakes that are easy to correct, leading to unnecessary muscle loss. Next, how quickly can we reduce fat?

How fast can we lose fat?

The most important lesson is to avoid losing weight too fast. I know you are desperate to get a perfect figure, but if you want to retain more muscles, then for you, weight loss should be slow, and you should continue to lose weight. It takes about 3,500 calories to lose one pound a week. Moreover, if you can choose to lose weight at a slower rate, it will help your physical and mental health.

Your hormones, especially testosterone levels will remain more balanced, you will have fewer chances of overeating and you will not feel very hungry. It is worth emphasizing that losing weight usually leads to a decrease in testosterone while increasing muscle increases weight. It’s not that you will become obese, but that gradually losing weight will help better maintain testosterone levels, rather than experiencing severe calorie deficiency.

However, the speed at which you lose fat depends on the level of fat in your body: obese people can lose fat more quickly and easily, and have fewer side effects than people who have already lost weight. People with high body fat may want to consider reducing calories by 7,000 calories per week. Although you don’t want to lose weight too fast, losing weight is not too fun.

When you start to lose weight, the effect is too slow, which will lead to diet fatigue, which is contrary to most people’s thinking. Most people think that losing weight too fast can reduce a lot of weight. For example, if your body fat rate is between 20% and 30%, then you will lose weight very quickly compared to a person with a body fat rate of 10%. . And food choices are nothing more than a reasonable ratio of protein, carbohydrate, and fat. The faster the weight loss effect, the easier it will be to stick to it. On the contrary, there will be no too strong diet fatigue. Only in the case of slowness, we must adhere to past eating habits, which will lead to strong eating fatigue.

Strength and fat loss

This is the big thing that distinguishes power athletes from bodybuilders: if you have a lot of body fat, you will be stronger and perform better. I’m not talking about obesity levels here, but your fat tissue plays an important role in maintaining hormonal health, energy levels, mood, and certain aspects of performance.

Athletes have been trying to burn as much fat as possible and maintain as much muscle as possible in the process of losing weight, but low body fat may affect mood, sleep, and performance. Focusing fanatically on fat loss can easily hinder strength. Everyone should take a more balanced approach to physical compensation.

I would like to tell you the exact body fat rate, but everyone should work hard for the best physical fitness and beauty. This is a personal matter. Of course, you may need to consider your level. It is worth remembering that many strength athletes are focused on reducing body fat, not on their figure. They prefer to improve their performance. Of course, muscle is still very important for strength. For most athletes, you can figure out the best body fat percentage for your body by trial and error.

Once you have participated in several competitions, many older athletes will tell younger athletes that extra muscle will not bring you excellent results, and sacrificing a little muscle for a little fat may bring better results.

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