Black Friday – The Biggest Sales Day In The World

Black Friday 2021

Welcome to Black Friday, the biggest sales day in the world. Although it started in the US, Black Friday is everywhere: Brazil, UK, Germany, France, Italy, Spain and more. Here is all of the information you need to maximize your savings, including when to buy Black Friday, the best deals to expect, and top tips to save big with Black Friday sales.

What is Black Friday?

Black Friday is one of the most important and biggest worldwide shopping days. The event, imported from the USA, is growing in popularity every year. On 27th November 2021, Black Friday deals and sales will take place.

During the day you will find numerous offers for products from fashion to electronics. It sells both in stores and online with discounts of up to 70%. For Christmas gifts, you can go for Black Friday and it is the perfect day to get the best deals and save lots of money.

When is Black Friday 2021?

Immediately after Thanksgiving, Black Friday always falls on Friday. On 27th November 2021, Black Friday deals and sales will take place.

Some shopkeepers are already offering discounts and vouchers in the accumulate to Black Friday, while some other retailers only offer flash sales or deals for a few hours during the day. Stores are expected to have longer hours of operation to cater to the masses of shoppers, and online stores will announce the start dates of their Black Friday sales in advance.

Some brands offer discounts for the entire week of Black Friday starting Monday the 25th Friday. Others even make Black Friday a month-long affair that lasts all of November.

So keep checking your favorite shopping websites to see when sales start.

In 2006, the first Black Friday in Germany was celebrated. Today, 89% of Germans already know Black Friday. In 2017, more than a billion euros were spent in Germany on Black Friday and Cyber ​​Monday weekends.

Everyone Likes A Bargain

During Black Friday, discounts are available on all types of products. More than thousands of stores and brands around the world: fashion, health products, electronics, home appliances, stationery and more offers discount and sales on Black Friday.

Some product categories are particularly popular during Black Friday: TVs, iPhones, and the PS4 in particular.

By checking out both physical stores and online, you can take advantage of discounts ranging from 20% to 70% depending on the store. Take advantage of Black Friday sales and save on Christmas shopping!

Black Friday Origins

This shopping event has its roots in the United States in the 1930s. In 1932, for great savings and deals, the first “Black Friday” took place. However, the name “Black Friday” was first introduced in the 1960s. With the Christmas season kicks off in late November, offering massive sales has become a great way to clear out old inventory and prepare for the Christmas shopping season. At the time, most of the bookkeeping was done by hand, with retailers using pen and ink. Due to the enormous volume of sales and sales generated during this shopping event, red ink – to denote losses – has been replaced with black ink, a sign of a positive balance sheet.

Retailers looked forward to Black Friday balances year-round, and the name stayed. Over the years this tradition has grown into a major sales event with bigger and better discounts being offered every year.

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