CBD Against Coronaviruses

CBD Against Coronaviruses – A Well-Founded Hope?

In the frightening times of Covid-19, the need for personal protection is understandably increasing. Current research suggests that CBD can strengthen our defense against coronaviruses. In addition, the scientists hope that CBD can partially alleviate the symptoms.

Health and immune defense

Our immune system and diseases caused by viruses are highly complex relationships. For the sake of simplicity, I think of my health as a house. With its walls, my house promises protection and security from dangerous intruders who can make me sick. However, my house has windows and doors and depending on how well my general well-being is, the walls can be stronger or weaker in some places. In addition, this solid castle is surrounded by a fence that delimits me from the outside and at least represents a hurdle. After all, there is a sharp dog on the chain that I can let go of on the attacker in an emergency.

For me, that means I can work on this house of my health. For example, I can make sure that I keep windows and doors closed as much as possible. I can also see the condition of the masonry: Where are the weak points? Where do I feel vulnerable? After all, through a healthy lifestyle, we have the key to making our house look as protective and strong as possible. I also take a look at the fence and may decide to pull it higher.

So basically we decide every day how we shape this house of our health. The first thing that any architect would agree with is three points: location, location, and location. That may sound a bit flippant at first, but thought in connection with corona-related contact bans, you will certainly understand what I mean. Ultimately, with our environment, we also choose a more or less high-risk potential to be attacked at all.

CBD as a hope against Covid-19

Recently, the scientist Igor Kovalchik illustrated with a very similar picture how cannabidiol could contribute to the defense against coronaviruses: “Imagine a cell as a large building,” he said, and: “Cannabinoids reduce the number of doors in the building for example 70 percent, which means that access is restricted. So you have more chances to fight it. ”

At the Canadian University in Lethridge, research into the therapeutic possibilities of cannabinoids has not just started since the outbreak of the corona pandemic. The latest findings now suggest that cannabidiol, or CBD for short, can help slow down active coronaviruses. In addition, the anti-inflammatory potential of CBD in connection with Covid-19 is promising.

A team at the Ichilov Hospital in Tel Aviv is currently researching the anti-inflammatory properties of CBD. Given the current situation, scientists are focusing on patients with symptoms of Covid-19 disease in the hope that CBD, as a natural active ingredient, could prove useful in the fight against the coronavirus.

Dr. Cohen, Head of Corona Management at Ichilov emphasized: “ This is a novel approach to treating some of the symptoms that occur using a component of the cannabis plant that is considered safe to use and not addictive.”

CBD to strengthen the immune system

In summary, even research gives good reason to hope that the natural plant ingredient CBD can help us in the fight against coronaviruses. However, the research is still in its infancy, and we, therefore, think: Big storms of enthusiasm would certainly be premature.

And yet, in my opinion, taking CBD and other THC-free hemp flower extracts can make sense, also concerning the threatening corona scenario. Despite all the healthy skepticism and the justified desire for more scientific data on the question “Can, CBD help in the defense against coronaviruses?”

When I return to the image of my health as a home, CBD can often help strengthen this protective property. Certainly, CBD is just one of many ways to make your lifestyle healthier. Numerous factors play a role, and everyone is different, for example in terms of their constitution and personal values.

But if we remember that good well-being is a protective basis for the defense against disease, then we should leave no stone unturned to do our immune defense good, especially in times of a threatening pandemic. Yes, and we also have very different options for this. We can optimize our diet, allow our body and mind to recover, and much more.

Overall, however, CBD has many pluses for a healthy lifestyle. The following effects of CBD have been proven:

  • Illumination of the basic mood
  • Resolution of fears
  • Reduction of stress symptoms
  • Relief from pain
  • Solution from convulsions
  • Relaxation of body and mind
  • Nausea relief
  • Inhibition of inflammation

CBD in times of the corona pandemic

In short, CBD can make a beneficial contribution to greater wellbeing for many people. Reason enough to start your own CBD experiment, right? But even or maybe especially in times of Corona, CBD seems to be very promising.

If we look at the Covid 19 disease itself, the results of research from Canada and Israel give hope that CBD can strengthen our defense against the coronavirus. And what’s more, its anti-inflammatory effects seem to be able to relieve symptoms even in an emergency. In addition, the current exceptional situation brings with it some burdens, in which CBD can make a compensatory contribution. 

After all, the current restrictions can create enormous stress at various levels. For example, exit restrictions and contact bans reduce our social and active living space, home office, and homeschooling not only create spatial and social confinement but also bring some people to their limits in everyday practice. Negative stress not only puts a strain on our immune system, but it can also lead to unpleasant symptoms of our own. In this context, CBD has proven to be an effective contribution to escape the stress trap and to lighten the basic mood!

Defense against the corona pandemic

Covid-19 is a disease that can be fatal in the worst-case scenario. The coronavirus is, therefore, a terrible threat for every individual, especially for special risk groups. The treatment, therefore, belongs in the hands of a doctor! The question of what can help us to ward off the corona pandemic should also be answered by specialized and level-headed experts. And what can protect every single person from Covid-19 as well?

In addition, despite all the laws and regulations in connection with this threatening pandemic, we are also self-determined people. Everyone can and must decide for themselves how they want to strengthen the house of their health. In any case, I am now raising my fence against Corona: with CBD! Will that ultimately help? Who knows.

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