CBD Oil, CBD Capsules and CBD Ointments

CBD Oils, CBD Capsules, CBD Ointments – What is What?

If you look around, you will notice a variety of CBD products. They all have one thing in common: They contain the valuable cannabidiol (CBD), which is obtained from the hemp plant.

Over 100 cannabinoids, CBD is one of the plants found in the hemp plant. There are very different substances with a very different spectrum of effects.

Here you can find out what the non-psychoactive substance CBD can do.

Which CBD product is right for me?

Only you can answer this question yourself. With a few simple questions that you can ask yourself, you will quickly find out which of CBD products has the best benefit for you individually. Concerning the ingredients, the CBD products do not differ much from each other, the main difference lies in the application or the form of ingestion. You need to find out which form of intake suits your life best.

Full-spectrum or broadband?

First of all, let’s look at liquid CBD products. Full-spectrum oil and broad-spectrum oil. These two product categories are identical in terms of intake. In terms of content, of course, they differ from one another.

You will achieve the best and fastest effect when absorbing it through the mucous membranes. The mucous membranes under the tongue are very thin and the product can get into your body as quickly as possible to develop its full effect here.

Simply put a few drops under your tongue and hold them in your mouth for 30–60 seconds before you swallow the rest. This takes a bit of getting used to at the beginning, but you get used to it quickly.

CBD products in capsule form

If all of this seems too complicated to you or simply does not apply to your lifestyle, then we have a great alternative for you.

One of the advantages of the CBD gel capsules is clearly in the handling.

If you travel a lot for business or pleasure, the practical capsules can be taken anytime and anywhere. Since the CBD products we offer are legal in Germany, you can easily take them with you on business trips (for international trips, please always observe the entry regulations of the destination country). At this point, we would like to point out very clearly that both the CBD oil and the CBD capsules should always be kept in the original container. In the event of any controls, uncertainties on the part of the inspector can often be eliminated from the start of the ingredients are indicated.

Another plus: capsules are not considered a liquid and should therefore not pose any further problem when carried in hand luggage.

Customers with limited mobility, in particular, like to use the capsules, as, unlike oil, there is no risk of spilling something or contaminating the product.

Each of the capsules contains at least 10 mg of natural CBD. Thus, the dosage is very easy. Due to the type of ingestion, however, the effect of the cannabidiol begins with a delay.

Ointments and creams

Balm, serum, lotion, masks, creams … it all sounds a lot more complicated than it is at first.

Here, too, the first question that is in the foreground is what you want to achieve in the first place. While the ones mentioned so far affect the entire organism in the body,  CBD products in the cosmetics sector have the great advantage of first targeting a specific area.

Are you very active in sports and looking for care for your muscles after training? Then you should most likely use cooling muscle gel.

Cannabidiol (CBD) stimulates cell renewal and can also repair damaged skin cells. That is why most of the products have combined this anti-aging miracle with various natural ingredients such as jojoba oil.

If you want youthfully smooth skin, then take a look at comprehensive range of cosmetics.

Pay attention to the quality of CBD products!

CBD is not the same as CBD. Although the basic active ingredient is probably the same for all CBD products on the market, you should still pay close attention to quality when buying.

Your body is your capital. Protect and care for him as best as possible.

The NANOSIZED oil is the highest and best bioavailability of ALL oils on the market.

The degree of bioavailability shows how quickly an active ingredient is absorbed into the organism to develop its effect. So we can say that all CBD oils are designed for maximum bioavailability and absorption.

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