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Connection is the key. Retain and connect with members

In response to the ongoing COVID-19 epidemic, many fitness clubs around the world have been forced to close their doors. Not only is the worry about income reduction imminent, but now club operators are also worried that once the “new normal” returns, members will simply not use gym membership fees. “

In this period of uncertainty, how can the club keep its members engaged? Many industry experts believe that regular communication with members is the key. With a variety of free and low-cost communication methods, you have no reason to let your members leave you in the past.

During this time, maintaining communication with your club members will help retain members. If your clubhouse does not have a regular marketing plan to keep members engaged or keep your facilities in people’s minds, now is the best time to start. As this is a changing and ever-changing situation, we promise to continue to provide relevant information and advice to your club or facility.

The following are some suggestions and tips for keeping in touch with members during COVID-19.

Create a one-stop health resource

Increase traffic to your website by becoming the primary resource for health and wellness, and stay ahead of your mind. Provide your members with credible expert information that focuses on various health topics.


Blogs are a good health resource that can be shared via social media and e-newsletters. Write blogs on your club’s website about common health topics of interest to members and include links to trusted sources such as 1. NASM, National Institutes of Health and Mayo Clinic.

Keep your message and avoid selling. For many people, trying to promote a product or service at this time may feel very tasteless. Ask your fitness staff what their field of expertise is and see if they can write content for you. This allows employees to maintain interaction with members, showcase their talents, and provide members with a familiar face.

Examples of topics include:

  • Health Aspect
    • Tips to improve immunity
    • Healthy heart diet and food
    • Diet and food for strong bones
    • Nutrient content
      • Highlight a food and list its vitamin and mineral content, as well as its impact on the body (such as different lean meats, vegetables, fruits, etc.).
  • Lose Weight
    • Weight loss techniques
  • Fitness Tips
    • Recovery techniques
    • Benefits of strength training, cardio training, flexibility training, HIIT, etc.
    • Definition of gym terms-HIIT, core, etc.

Social Media

Social media is a great tool that can help communicate with your members and share the resources you create. Share your recent blog posts, exercise tips, and other valuable resources and information.

Try to publish once a day and maintain consistency in the number of weekly publications. If you want to save time, you can try to create content for a week or two, and then use social media scheduling apps to schedule it.

Social media tools

Using the right tools will help you use your time effectively to create professional social media content.

Scheduling tool

Social media scheduling tools allow you to create content and schedules on all your social media platforms in advance. Tools need to be checked out.

  • later
  • Loomly
  • Budding social

Photo editing

Sometimes your photos need a little extra attention-some basic lighting editing or more cohesive colors. Easy-to-use free mobile photo editing tool, you can try.

  • Lightroom mobile
  • VSCO
  • Snapseed

Graphic design

Create professional-quality graphics in minutes with simple tools. Simple graphic design resource exploration.

  • Adobe Spark
  • Canva

We have no relationship with any of the aforementioned companies, and no payment recognition.


If your facility has a special person to bring energy to your club and its members, then providing hints in the form of short videos can bring smiles to your members and make them look forward to the day when the gym reopens. You can discuss the topics outlined above on your blog, or create home exercise tips from your coaches and employees. Video also works well on social media


Once you have created your content, send an electronic bulletin every two weeks or every month. This can include your latest blog posts, videos, and news about the reopening plan if available.

Join the power of the local community

If you want to cooperate with local companies, you can work hard on cross-promotion. Many companies and you are in the same boat, why not cooperate and help each other. Try not to sell or offer discounts yet. This not only contains the potential to grow a sense of community and referral network, but also allows your brand to go out, let audiences who may know nothing about you know you, or encourage them to learn more because you are helping them the most. Favorite small business.

Kick out your plan

Most marketing gurus agree that you need to push continuous content at least once a day, every day. You need to determine what information to post every day.

We recommend creating a template to help you stay organized and maintain consistency and regularity of content and posts. Matching your club culture and interests is also a factor in your content.

Template example.

  • Monday: today’s exercise
  • Tuesday: Nutrition Tips
  • Wednesday: Member Small Business Highlights
  • Thursday: health theme
  • Friday: local business highlights
  • Saturday: inspirational quotes
  • Sunday: Optional (e.g. team member highlights)

Now that you have your plan, you can start to create and publish your content, and send your E-Blast.

Regardless of your current business model, now is a good time to step back and communicate with members. Of course, fitness is the main reason why members walk into your door, but their overall experience in the club is why they stay there. When the door is temporarily closed, the only thing you can control is your communication with the customer.

Use the talent resources in the club, such as your coaches and mentors, to create, prove, and promote content. Let them also help you find reliable sources of health and fitness information. Send out the “we are all together” initiative to your members and community, hoping that your gym will rebound from this global pandemic and be stronger than ever.

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