exercise at night

Do you know the benefits of exercising at night?

Regular exercise can increase emotions, and there are three benefits

It is said that the morning exercise time is the best. This has a certain truth. You can complete better physical and mental exercises during the awake time of the day. But for some people who don’t like to get up early and don’t have time to exercise in the morning, exercise at night is particularly meaningful. Many people think that exercise at night will affect sleep, but you can exercise in the afternoon, at night, you can still have sufficient sleep.

But there is one kind of exercise that is particularly good at night, that is, high-intensity interval training. It will not affect your sleep. Exercise between seven and eight o’clock in the evening is the best time to exercise. If you have eaten before 6 o’clock, this point of exercise can help you absorb and digest food, if you eat after 8 o’clock, then this point of exercise can make you have better appetite suppression.

There are many benefits to persist in exercising from 7:00 to 8:00 in the evening.

First Advantage: It stimulates fitness motivation

For those who hate morning exercise, afternoon exercise is a good point to overcome. Think about what is particularly important about exercise for you. In the evening, you can enjoy the time of exercise with more people, such as relatives and friends, which is much more interesting than exercising in the morning.

Second Benefit: It helps you develop healthy habits

During a busy day, there may be people who want to enjoy life more comfortably at night. Everyone’s choices are different. This is about willpower. If you can continue to exercise at night, you can be more Exercise your willpower and workability well.

If you feel tired after getting off work, take a break, and do simple exercises to make your body more comfortable. By insisting on regular exercise, you can develop a good and healthy lifestyle. But if you feel particularly tired, you don’t have to make choices that force yourself. 4~5 days a week is a good exercise frequency.

Third Advantage: It connects with other things

 When exercising in the evening, you can associate exercise with doing other things. For example, if you have to do housework after getting off work, you can consider doing housework as an exercise. Imagine if you run directly to the gym after getting off work, your motivation to persist may be very limited, but when you get home, all you see around you are your favorite and familiar surroundings. Then you may be more relaxed and happy when you exercise, and more durable.

Away from the noise of the gym, you will feel more comfortable, and at the same time you can take care of some other things, for example, after the exercise, you can prepare for the second day’s nutritious meal.

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