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Every woman needs these 5 basics in her wardrobe

Sometimes there are days when you just can’t decide what to wear. And that, although the wardrobe is bursting at the seams and you actually have enough choice right in front of your nose. How good that I have now found a solution that is my little savior in an emergency because if time is of the essence, such a situation can really spoil the start of the day.

That’s why I set up each of my outfits according to the same principle: a piece that I definitely want or have to wear – for example. waterproof boots (because it’s raining) or my snake print jeans, which unfortunately cannot be combined with everything due to the eye-catching pattern. This is where the basics come into play – classics that go with everything and also look good when you don’t feel like thinking about the outfit. That’s why I’ve put together my 5 favorite basics for you, which shouldn’t be missing in your wardrobe. 

Basic No. 1: The White Dress

Maybe a bit unusual, but definitely a must-have for certain occasions: the white dress. Dresses with flounced sleeves are particularly popular, which already inspired us in summer and which can now simply be worn with a turtleneck underneath in autumn and winter. Add a couple of cool, tough boots and your outfit is perfect. You can find a huge selection of white dresses online. There is sure to be a new favorite basic for you too! 

Basic No. 2: The White Blouse

The white blouse is an absolute classic. Whether with a skirt or casual blue jeans: You always cut a good figure with them and are well-styled for every occasion. If white blouse is too boring for you, you can of course choose a variant with stripes or a color-contrasting collar. 

Basic No. 3: The Black Jeans 

I have to admit: Most of the week I use my all-time favorite basic: black skinny jeans. It just looks good with everything and you don’t have to worry about your outfit anymore. In winter, for example, I particularly like to combine jeans with an oversized wool sweater, which keeps me cozy and warm on long days in uni. 

Basic No. 4: The Trench Coat

In addition to the camel coat, the trench coat is an integral part of my wardrobe and also a fashionable all-around talent. You can always rely on the classic, especially in the transition period between the seasons, when you always have to reckon with rain and cold wind. It can be wonderfully combined with all outfits and is suitable for both the office and leisure time. 

Basic No. 5: The Leather Jacket 

I admit it: I can’t do anything without a leather jacket. Not only because I like it rock, but also because I love the break-in style with filigree pieces (like the white blouse). So in summer, I like to choose a combination with a maxi dress, in winter I just wear it with a cozy sweater.

Which basics shouldn’t be missing in your wardrobe?

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