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Fitness Order? Where do you usually start practicing?

Fitness order? ??
Where should I start to practice fitness? ??
Practice your chest first?
Back? arm?
Or abdominal muscles?

Many friends there is a very serious misunderstanding of fitness.

Only practice the parts you want to practice

Many people who go to the gym is doing bench press + biceps curl + abdominal training at home to call it a day, only practiced the front side of the body muscles case, muscle strength and muscle mass will develop unevenly and cause:

1. Stature Weird (upper body, lower body large-small)

2. Improper Posture

(Some muscles are too tight, some muscles are too loose or hunched, round shoulders, forward pelvic tilt, high and low shoulders… etc.)

Does the order of part training matter???
How to arrange for beginners?

1- Follow the principle of the order of chest → back → shoulders → arms → legs → core (the order of chest and back can be exchanged)

  First chest or back: Because you need the “assistance” of the shoulder and arm to complete the action, you must keep the shoulder and arm in a strong state to assist to be stable and strong. If the arms and shoulders are weak after practicing first, the action will be unstable and weak when pushing the chest or pulling the back. The effect of the exercise will naturally be bad!

  Second, do the shoulder: Because the shoulder training also needs the assistance of the arm, it should be reserved for the latter to practice the same.

2- Do the lower body after the upper body is done

  a. The training intensity of the lower body is relatively high. If the lower body is used up first, the upper body does not need to be practiced.

  b. The heart is in the upper body. First, do upper body training to warm up the skeletal muscles. This sequence is better.

3- Keep the core (waist and abdomen) until the end

  Because all movements require core “stability”, especially standing movements, for example, squats require a lot of waist strength. If you do the core first, it will naturally affect the “stability” of the subsequent training movements.

Advanced week training differentiation principle

Two-day advice

  1. Chest → shoulders → three heads → abdomen
  2. Back → two heads → legs → waist

  *The chest and shoulders and three heads are all pushed series, and the back and two heads are pulled series. Even if you train for two consecutive days, it will not affect you too much.

Three-day advice

  1. Chest→shoulder
  2. Back → three heads → abdomen
  3. Two heads → legs → waist


  1. Chest + back + abdomen
  2. Shoulder + two or three heads
  3. Leg + waist

Four talented advice

  1. Chest + Abdomen
  2. Back + waist
  3. Shoulder + three heads
  4. Two heads + legs

  *The shoulders and the two heads are good, but if the three heads are together with the legs, when it is the turn of the chest, the three heads may not be fully recovered, which will affect the training of the chest.

Five-talented advice

  1. Chest + abdomen
  2. Back
  3. Shoulder + waist
  4. Two heads + three heads + abdomen
  5. leg

Only scientific methods can develop perfect muscles,
I wish you all to develop your ideal body shape as soon as possible!

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