How to Find Happiness in Weight Loss Exercise? Everyone can learn, fat people should know

Many people who lose weight seem to be making endless efforts. Many of us are willing to exercise in the gym in the name of losing weight, which means that we are in the heart of Cao Ying and Han. When we feel guilty about our food intake, we are taught to exercise, or control our mouths and open our legs.

For many reasons, regular exercise is indeed a good idea, but exercise to lose weight may not be fully effective (this is not a healthy lifestyle). By running on a treadmill for 45 minutes a day, you can burn more calories, resulting in weight loss. However, many studies have shown that this exercise is not very effective. One of the latest studies shows that we eat more after exercise, which offsets our previous efforts to lose weight.

Many of our efforts in sports ultimately failed. Exercise has great benefits for physical and mental health, but it has nothing to do with weight loss. The fact that exercise and weight loss are not related. When we exercise only for weight loss, many of us feel pain. This does not seem to mean that we are doing what we like, but losing weight can get what we want. The question is how do we reconstruct a new way of movement and turn it into something that can bring us joy instead of fear?

Turn movement into a force of choice

Exercising will make you stronger, overcome stress, and sleep better. You don’t have to exercise more, but you will feel happier. When you are not exercising to lose weight, there are fewer chores and more options. I find that focusing on doing something is good for a person’s spirit because you are willing to do it, and the mental health benefits are usually more positive than changing body shape and weight.

If weight loss is what motivates a person to exercise, that is not necessarily a bad thing. But when people associate their weight with numbers, a dangerous definition and its wrong value will appear. If you want to focus on physical exercise, it is best to focus on how exercise makes your body stronger.

Have you made a plan for yourself to exercise for a few weeks? Want to get toned muscle lines? You may have noticed that daily exercise is easier, such as walking up the stairs. Although exercise intensity and endurance are different from weight loss, you can also see the changes in body and weight. When we see the desired results, our brains will go all out and try again and again.

To strengthen the relationship between the body and exercise, set goals that are not related to weight loss.

Although losing weight can bring some motivation, it is not the only motivation, especially because you may not just lose weight through exercise. Therefore, if you want to correct your relationship with exercise and do more things, make sure that the goal you are pursuing has nothing to do with weight loss.

Trying to set goals during exercise will be much better than directly setting weight loss goals. For example, you can do 3 push-ups today and 8 goals next time. This will indeed enhance your sense of accomplishment, confidence, and ability. This can lead to a healthier mental state.
It is recommended that you regard exercise as an act of taking care of yourself. Don’t deliberately achieve your weight loss goals, you will find that the results will be very good in the end. And, try to eliminate expectations of yourself when you try. Stop telling yourself that you hate sports, you are not good at sports, you just don’t exercise. Be open to the relationship between new experience and exercise, and exercise in new ways, rather than succumbing to past patterns or expectations.

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