Is Justfab Legit? An Honest Review | Clothing & Shoe Websites Like Justfab

Is Justfab Legit? An Honest Review + Best Clothing Shoe Websites Like Justfab


Many ladies are charmed by the JustFab store. Usually, it is their footwear that attracts the attention and appreciation of the common purchaser. Additionally, many of the store’s critics love the fact that it is a great place for tight-budget buyers. Now, readers should know that this blog entry is regarding my personal experience with the company. I am not writing this on behalf of anyone, and there are chances that your or anyone else’s experience is far different from mine. 

How Does JustFab Work?

The first thing that any potential shopper needs to do is to make a JustFab account on its website. Here, you have the option of selecting a VIP membership. Feel free to go through a style quiz, whose result would determine the making of your monthly boutique.

Is JustFab Legit?

Potential shoppers should know that the company comes as a reputed fashion label as well as a fashion-subscription eCommerce platform. This notion should quash away any doubts regarding its overall legitimacy. Still, anyone who is doubtful should visit the store’s website.

Is JustFab a Ripoff?

The answer to this one is a definite no. Still, it seems that some of their practices are somewhat odd. For instance, some online articles have criticized its subscription model and related purchasing activities. Nevertheless, they have partnerships with big celebrities such as Demi Lovato and Kate Hudson. Certainly, this shows that it is a robust name in its line of work.

How Do you Skip a Month on JustFab?

Generally, this is a straightforward process. All that you need to do is to press the “Skip the Month” tab present in “Boutique.” Remember, you need to do this between the first and fifth of a month.

How to Delete JustFab Account?

There are two ways to do this. First is that you call their consultants via phone. They are available 24/7. The second way is to cancel via online way. Generally, shoppers tend to prefer this one more. Also, you won’t be charged any fees for cancellation.

Are JustFab and ShoeDazzle the same company?

Many shoppers are confused regarding this. Well, you should know that JustFab and ShoeDazzle are two separate entities that are part of the TechStyle Fashion Group.

Tips on Shopping from JustFab

Make sure that you take note of the following tips prior to your shopping attempt:

  • Anyone who does not skip a month or buy anything inside the initial five days will be charged $39.95. Therefore, you need to set a reminder that gives you a regular alert on this.
  • The free return/shipping facility is valid to the contiguous forty-eight US states.
  • The company does not allow you to utilize membership credit at the sale.
  • Often, you will see that you cannot return products on sale, and this happens during a season’s conclusion.
  • The store’s product quality is on par (even a bit higher in many cases) than many other companies of its genre. Therefore, try to make the best out of their leading offers whenever you can.

A Review of The JustFab Shoes and Clothes

Here is my personal review. A while back, I shopped at the President’s Day Sale. I choose this occasion because every item was at a 50% discount. I ordered two products namely an Oriana Flat Sandal and a Hanna Heeled Sandal. Let’s talk about the Oriana one first – it was very cute footwear that gave me a chic and comfortable feel. I saw no big drawbacks in it.

JustFab Oriana Flat Sandal and Hanna Transparent Heeled Sandal

Image Source: JustFab Women’s Shoes

The Hanna Sandal was not entirely what I was expecting it to be. For instance, it did give me a hard time the more I wore it. Nevertheless, I am not complaining much as it had a beautiful vibe to it. Overall, I will give 9 out of 10 to the Oriana and 7 out of 10 to the Hanna footwear.

Clothing & Shoe Websites Like JustFab

Here are some clothing & shoe websites that are very much similar to JustFab:


This store claims that it has all that it takes to become your new preferred fashion store. Some of its highlights are its shoes, apparel, and related accessories. Shoppers are usually excited to buy from there as it supports exciting IKrush discount codes, such as “10% off.”

iKrush boots - Similar to JustFab with discount voucher

Image Source: iKrush


Any woman who wants to upgrade her shoe game should visit the EGO store. Their success can be attributed to the fact that they take inspiration from today’s leading catwalks as well as trends. Additionally, use an EGO coupon code and enjoy as much as 50% off on selected products.

EGO shoes on discounts - Shoe Brand Just like JustFab

Image Source: EGO

Hidden Fashion

Here, you will find many latest ladies’ shoes and clothes. Moreover, their Tops and Accessories sections enjoy fantastic repute among the masses. You may even find a Hidden Fashion voucher code that offers you as much as 60% off.

Hidden Fashion - Shoe and Clothing Brand with huge discount coupon codes

Image Source: Hidden Fashion

Charles & Keith

Many women prefer this store for themselves as well as for their kids. It offers you several marvelous ranges of shoes, bags, and accessories. Furthermore, you may utilize a Charles & Keith promo code to get the Free Delivery perk.

Charles and Keith shoes and clothes with mega coupon codes

Image Source: Charles & Keith

Luxe to Kill

This comes as a British vegan & slow fashion label. It is proud of its overall conscience and quality. Some of its famed sections are Boots, Clothing, and Dresses. Moreover, use a Luxe to Kill discount code and get as much as 80% off.

Luxe to Kill Shoes with huge promo codes of up to 80% OFF

Image Source: Luxe To Kill

Closet London

This company is well-regarded for its offering of contemporary womenswear that takes inspiration from today’s bold ladies. Some of its top sections are Midi Dresses and Sale. Additionally, use a Closet London coupon code to enjoy a 20% student discount.

Closet London a clothing website like JustFab with stunning discount coupon offers

Image Source: Closet London

You Might Also Wanna Know

Mostly Asked Questions About JustFab

Where is JustFab located?

The store is situated in El Segundo, California, United States. It is associated with the Shoe Stores industry and is generally considered a reputed name.

Who is the owner of JustFab?

The store is owned by Intelligent Beauty, Inc. This owner is well-regarded for the providence of e-commerce incubation facilities.

Is JustFab good quality?

Commonly, the store is regarded for the offering of good quality footwear. Besides this, it is enjoying a decent reputation for providing top-class women’s handbags as well as clothing.

Is JustFab free?

We looked into the matter and so far, we are yet to find any free offers related to the store. What we came across was a membership offer that allows you to purchase on highly profitable terms.

Is JustFab worth it?

There seems to be a division among the populace regarding this question. Many see this store as a trustworthy label, whereas others are not comfortable with it. In the end, it all depends on your personal experience with them. This is more likely to be a good one.

Why is JustFab not working?

There could be many reasons behind JustFab not working. For instance, it could be your firewall settings or the fact that you need to reconfigure (or remove) your antivirus software tools.

Does JustFab sell men’s shoes?

Yes, the store sells some high-quality men’s shoes. Additionally, many of the store’s critics have come to appreciate their men’s sneakers products. Therefore, if you are a guy then the likelihood is that you will find some excellent shoes there.

Are JustFab shoes comfortable?

A great number of the store’s customers have come to appreciate their shoe products. This includes both men and women. On your behalf, if you care to buy comfortable items then you should do your homework regarding them. Hopefully, this will lead to some useful buyouts.

Are JustFab shoes good quality?

This depends on your purchased item. If you purchase an expensive item (after doing your buyout homework) then this may allow you to buy a better quality item. Nevertheless, shoppers have even expressed their satisfaction with the store’s mid-to-low tier shoes.

Is there any JustFab free shoe code?

Some reports suggest that the free shoes codes are found during special occasions such as Black Friday or Cyber Monday. Perhaps you should seek such codes during the mentioned occasions.

Is JustFab a monthly subscription?

The store does facilitate a monthly subscription. If you are to become their VIP member then you may be charged somewhere around $40 per month. This amount goes on to become 1 credit that you may utilize towards an accessory, clothing, or shoe.

Are JustFab and Fabletics the same?

By the time of this writing, Fabletics and Justfab were operating as 2 different companies. This means that you will be doing different functionalities with them, such as billing, order fulfillment, and rewards programs.

Which is better JustFab or ShoeDazzle?

There are various reports on this. However, there seems to be a consensus that ShoeDazzle is ideal for high heels purchasers, whereas JustFab is great for any shopper who wants to buy daily wear footwear products.

Does JustFab have an app?

The JustFab store is proud to state the fact that it is now powered by a very useful app. Thanks to this one feature alone, you could easily browse through the entirety of the shop and have a better purchasing time.

Who does JustFab use for shipping?

It seems that the store’s shoppers are well-content with its overall shipping facilities. This is due to the fact that the store utilizes the services of reputed names such as FedEx.

Is JustFab true to size?

Many of the store’s critics have stated that when it comes to sizing, the company has done a very effective job in terms of standardizing its apparel. In other words, they are true to size.

How to cancel JustFab VIP membership?

As a customer, you may cancel the store’s VIP membership whenever you like. Here, you have two options. The first is to contact them via phone at 1-866-337-0906. They are available 24/7. The second option is to cancel via online methodologies. Furthermore, the cancellation process is free of charge.

How to exchange JustFab shoes?

If you want to exchange the store’s shoes then you can do two things. The first is to email them and the second is to call them. The purpose is the same, which is to inform about your exchange intent. Here, make sure that you have your Order ID with you.

Where do I get the JustFab discount code?

You can get some of the best and most in-demand JustFab discount codes at the portal’s store page. There, you may also find the store’s various deal coupons that can aid you on a host of fronts.

How Do I contact JustFab shoe customer service?

You will be happy to know that the store is blessed to have great customer service. Try reaching out to them via either their Live Chat facility or this number: 866-337-0906. Hopefully, they would be able to resolve all of your underlying concerns.

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