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Spring Fashion Trends 2021

Even if it just doesn’t seem like it: Spring is approaching in great strides. I can hardly wait for the snow to finally melt, for it to get a little warmer again and for my thick winter boots and sweaters to be banished to the back of the closet. Until the time comes, however, I’ll indulge in thoughts of spring and imagine which of my favorite pieces I will soon be able to wear again. It also makes me think more about the current fashion trends for 2021. What is coming, what is going and what I don’t want to do without in spring, I’ll tell you now!

Fashion trends 2021: that’s what we’re wearing this spring

I already told you in the last post that it will be cozier this year when it comes to our outfits. We no longer wear skinny jeans, but rather wide and comfy. You can find cool models in below style and many more at Debenhams

In general, in the fashion world, you are swimming on the retro wave at the moment. The ’70s are back and we can see that not only in the bell-bottoms but also in the pattern mix that we have already encountered everywhere on the catwalks of the Fashion Weeks. The training jacket has also returned to everyday life and in terms of color, nude and rose tones are the next big thing. 

In stark contrast to this is the renewed revival of the grunge look, which somehow hasn’t gone away in recent years. This spring we will not only meet him again in mesh fabrics, which are worn casually in a loading ring look but also when choosing our shoes. 

spring fashion trends

Shoe trends 2021: From sneakers and chunky boots

That brings us to the next topic. What are we wearing on our feet this spring? Of course, sneakers are right at the forefront (you see, the coziness factor runs through). But not just any simple models, this year it can be a little more. Colors, accents, and, above all, thick soles make our fashion heart beat faster. I have been particularly fond of the chunky models for a few months and, in addition to the currently popular wide pants, they also conjure up a great figure. You can find the hottest models at Debenhams. There are also some great styles there that go with my second trend highlight: boots and boots with – surprise – thick sole. And here the circle to the grunge style closes again;).

chunky boots

Bag trends 2021: These are the hottest accessories 

And if I am giving you a small overview of trends today, the matching accessories must not be missing. First and foremost, bags are of course my focus, because which woman can survive without them? While you still can’t go wrong with a crossbody bag, something completely different could get my attention. Do you remember how bum bags made their comeback a few years ago, but we wore the models casually around the upper body? Those days are now officially over because instead, a similar comeback awaits us: neck pouch! Yes, you read that right. The fashionistas have a new must-have and it is so small that the smartphone just fits into it. Nevertheless, it always looks cool and the eye-catcher is guaranteed. The current bag trends can be found at Shein for shopping afterward.

women's bags fashion

Which of the trends have convinced you? Which of them don’t you like so much? Tell me in the comments! 🙂

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