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It’s important to use the proper cake boards and cake boxes. We have a large selection of high-quality cake boards and cake boxes that are an important component of your cake. They add to the design while also ensuring that the cakes are not harmed during storage and transportation. We have Tamworth’s largest selection of cake boards, square cake boards and boxes. Their sizes range from 3 to 22 inches! We have square and round silver, gold, and colored boards. But what board do you need for your sort of cake? Use a ‘12mm drum’ cake board if you’re making a heavy cake. The heavy cakes could be fruit cakes, Madeira cakeDundee cake, or a Wedding, Christmas cake, or Simnel cake. These thick boards Round Cake Boards UK provide strength and rigidity when transporting your cake.

Square Cake Boards UK

Choose a board that is at least two inches larger than the cake tin it was baked in. So that you can accommodate the thickness of the marzipan, icing, and any decorations around the board’s edge. If you intend to use the board for decoration or lettering, a larger cake board may be preferable. Because these cakes are lighter. You can use a thinner “3mm hardboard” that will not Cake Containers with Lids overpower the cake. Again, pick a cake board that is at least 2 inches larger than the one you’ll be using. The reason is simple because you’ll want to leave space for decoration. Stacks of Croquembouche and Profiteroles.

A thicker board, such as a drum, would be ideal for a big croquembouche show. Enable two inches on each side for the show and any caramel threading, so anything Cake Containers with Lids like a 12 inch upwards, depending on the amount of choux pastry used and the desired height. Our 3mm hardboard is ideal for lighter desserts or just as a foundation. Using the two to three inches for presentation and to keep any things from falling off the cake when it’s being served. Cakes are in various shapes. Unique-shaped or novelty cakes may be made on core, hexagon, or rectangular-shaped boards. We have 5 sizes of Square Cake Boards of rectangular boards in stock, ranging from 10 x 13 inches to giant 32 x 20 inch thick wooden boards.

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Hearts and hexagons are among the other board shapes that can be ordered. Boards that are stacked twice you could still make a statement with your boards by piling two contrasting colours on top of each other. To complement the cake’s style, stack one slightly larger than the other. They can be used to make a tier in the cake as well. Stick them together with double-sided tape and a matching ribbon to make a focal point on the cake.

Choose a box Round Cake Boards UK that is the same size as the cake board for a better match. If the cake is formed, such as a core, measure the width of the board and use that measurement. To keep the cake from shifting around inside the box, use small pieces of polystyrene or a sheet of the non-slip mat. We have cake boxes Cake Containers with Lids ranging in size from 6 to 20 inches, as well as seasonal Christmas boxes for cakes and yule logs. For those taller cakes, we also have full-sized box extensions in stock, because it’s important to have a box that suits in order to secure it. Our box extenders come in sizes ranging from 6 to 20 inches.

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If you’re baking or decorating cakes, you’ll know that any cake decorator (whether for business or pleasure) needs a variety of cake boards. Our silver cake boards are sturdy and welcoming, as well as affordable. So you’ll never be short on cake boards again.

Round Cakes Boards UK

If you’re baking round cakes, we have a wide range of sizes and thicknesses to choose from, like 4″, 5″, 6″, 7″, 8″, 9″, 10″, 11″, 12″ all the way up to 18″ and this Square Cake Boards knees up to 4mm. Purchase in bulk to save money on delivery of board for cakes that are square. Much of the time, you’re probably finding your way around the kitchen when it comes to baking cakes. We also have a lovely range of satin cake board Round Cake Boards UK ribbons in a variety of colors, including Black, White, Silver, Gold, Hot Pink, Red, and Chocolate Brown. When used on a cake, these go well with our round, rectangular, and square cake boards to bring your creations to life.

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