Corduroy Overshirt

This is how you combine the overshirt

It’s bad weather outside, it’s raining, the leaves are falling from the trees…. yes it is autumn. It is getting cooler again so wearing layers is the ideal solution. The overshirt is a big hit this autumn and therefore also your ideal extra layer for this winter!

What is an overshirt?

To start with, we explain what an overshirt actually is.

Suddenly everyone is talking about an overshirt, but you still don’t know what this is? Then we will explain this to you in detail. An overshirt is one of the most versatile pieces of clothing for men. The word overshirt actually comes from a mix of two garments, a shirt, and a jacket. The nice thing about an overshirt is that you can combine a lot with it and it gives your outfit a more layered look. Originally, the overshirt comes from the army during the 80s and 90s. It was then widely worn as streetwear. The overshirt is practical and can be combined endlessly.

Corduroy Overshirts

Layer this with a turtle or turtleneck sweater

Overshirt Corduroy

The overshirt is the perfect mix of a jacket and shirt and it’s a great piece for a layered fall look. Corduroy feels sturdy and is not so tight, so you won’t sweat so quickly. Very nice during this period when it cools down a bit more. In our store, you will find many corduroy overshirts from Only & Sons, LEVI’S, SHEIN, G-Star, No Excess and Zaful. The best way to combine a corduroy overshirt is by combining two striking autumn colors that together create a contrasting look! In the photo above you see an off-white corduroy overshirt from No Excess with a brique-colored turtle underneath.

Overshirts with a Zipper

Use it as an in-between jacket during the fall!

Overshirt with zipper

Often an overshirt is provided with a zipper instead of buttons. This makes it even more practical, so you will grab it even more often. A zipper makes the overshirt just a bit more sporty. In our store, you will therefore often encounter them with a zipper. For example from SHEINZaful, or Debenhams.

Overshirt with Buttons

Just a little more shirt than a jacket.

Overshirt with buttons

An overshirt with buttons has just a few more details. And is a harsh winter coming? Even then your overshirt will come in handy! Wear it as an extra layer under your winter coat, for example with a cool turtleneck sweater! You can also combine an overshirt with a hoodie, this gives your outfit a bit more of a streetwear look. At our men’s stores you will find a lot of cool overshirts, shop them from, for example, No Excess or G-Star raw.

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