CBD Oil A Chinese Traditional Medicine

Traditional Chinese medicine used cannabis even before our era

TCMTraditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) is known to people far beyond the country’s borders. This medicine is also used in our western world. Most of them, however, probably associate it with healing practices such as acupuncture and meditative self-healing methods such as Qigong.
The restoration or maintenance of the inner balance is the overall goal of traditional Chinese medicine.

Hemp in yin and yang

Numerous plants are used in this medicine, which has been developed over several millennia and passed on from generation to generation. In addition to ginseng, cannabis is among the 50 basic herbs in TCM.

The hemp plant comes from both male and female plants. According to Taotic teaching, hemp, therefore, has yin and yang energies. Nowadays the use of hemp seeds is in the foreground. However, all parts of the hemp plant are used.

Cannabis in Traditional Chinese Medicine

Traditional Chinese Medicine arose long before our era. From those times, researchers found records documenting the use of hemp with medicinal benefits. These documents report on the application for nausea and pain, but also for cramps or high blood pressure.

Many illnesses bring side effects such as pain and nausea. Therefore, one can hardly imagine how often and, above all, how widespread cannabis was used as a medicine. The Chinese administered it for migraines as well as for calming. Today, many people use the legal variant, CDB oil, which allows us to benefit from the positive effects of cannabinoids without being “high”. CBD oil is said to have a calming effect and can help you relax.

Traditional Chinese medicine practitioners even treated burns with a tincture of cannabis.

The use of cannabis

Depending on the type of symptoms, there are various ways to use cannabis for medical treatment. For use on the skin, such as burns, use with a tincture or an ointment is suitable. Crushed and mixed with liquids such as water or honey, the Chinese traditionally use cannabis both internally and externally. Teas are also often prepared in traditional Chinese medicine. The list of possibilities is probably as long as the tradition is old.

Today’s use of cannabis in TCM

The main use of cannabis in traditional Chinese medicine today is limited to hemp seeds. This is probably due to bans in many countries and also to the bad reputation that cannabis has in society. They are considered a protein bomb and are often consumed as dietary supplements.

Unfortunately, this means that a large part of this ancient tradition is lost. One can only hope that the great healing properties and especially the benefits of cannabis will be recognized everywhere again at some point. Traditions must not die out.

A traditional healing art

Traditional Chinese Medicine will remain with us. Their teachings will continue to be passed on to the next generation – only with the small drop of sadness that some parts of this healing art are no longer allowed. Methods and recipes that have been continuously developed through the experience of many individuals can now only be passed on in theory. But the fact that Traditional Chinese Medicine continues to be used and spreads more and more gives hope. Hope that this theoretical knowledge of the ancient art of healing does not die out and that it can perhaps be used again at some point.

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